Ariel Hart is a motion graphic designer. She's excited about new media, team-building, education and mentorship. In her personal work, she's seeking the intersection of imaginary products and genuine brand marketing. With a preferred medium of GIF (hard G), she considers social media an artist's statement and living will. Living and working in LA, Ariel is gardening, shitposting, interested in falling in love and open to animation-first projects.


  • Freelancer

    2020 - Current

    Motion Graphics / Branding - Secret Birthday Party

    Motion Graphic designer serving marketing agencies. Open to animation and consulting gigs for January 2021.

  • 2 Years

    2019 - 2020

    Animation Consultant - SLAQR

    Shifting to television production, animation curation, commissioning and advising on animation capabilities on Cake.

  • 6 Months


    Art Director, Animation - ATTN:

    I'm working to elevate the animation offering and create a flexible in-house team to support a wide range of media projects.

  • 5 Years


    Art Director/Creative Director - McBeard > Fullscreen

    I built a team of motion graphic designers, editors, and illustrators in social media content creation and made sure we created the right video content for big brands including Fox, Sony, Disney, Netflix, Mattel and Coca-cola.

  • 1 Year


    Motion Graphic Designer - McBeard

    Executing and troubleshooting GIFs/micro-videos for all social platforms on tight timelines.

  • 3 Years



    I consulted and animated independent motion graphics work for Justin Timberlake, Machinima, NBC, Comedy Central, and more.

  • ++++
    7 Years



    2010 — MFA, Experimental Animation,The California Institute of the Arts
    United Plankton Animation Scholarship
    2007 — BFA, Animation, The Kansas City Art Institute
    KCAI Merit Award Scholarship
    Dean’s List